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This dog barks like a person screaming for his life. [via]

their neighbors must be terrified.

*wag wag wag*
*happy dog face*
*wag wag wag*

oh my fucking god

Imagine how many times the neighbors have called the cops

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So far these are the characters that are confirmed to return to SSB4! Although Game & Watch hasn’t officially been confirmed, I still have my bets on him coming back, I mean, he’s been with us since Melee. (Apparently the Pac-Man trailer didn’t convince people, and neither did the official Smash 4 site add him to the list of characters.) Also, Pokémon Trainer is only half grey considering Charizard is returning.

Also, Falco is still a mystery, the same Melee thing goes for him, and we got this screenshot. But then again, the Internet is great at photoshopping.